Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Experience

This post was written before I left California.  I knew my internet connection on the road to Iowa would be hit-and-miss, so I penned this before my blog vacation began.  Wherever I am today, I'm in a new place savoring a new experience with my wife, my youngest son, and our attack dog, Roxy, a scrawny Chihuahua we adopted.  I don't know how she will do in the snow but I do know my family is ready for the next chapter of our lives.

Have you ever made a life-changing choice?  Click the comment button to add your thoughts.  I promise to respond once I get settled in.  I'm excited to make new friends while keeping in touch with old friends.  I feel blessed to have so many caring people in my life.

Today is the last day to vote for my young writer friend who is trying to win a free scholarship to a special school for entrepreneurs. Please click the link to vote for her and ask your friends to pitch in.  Thanks.

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