Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I'm Fond of Penguins

When my Ramona tennis team captain, Stacey, held her first open house after she and her family moved in to her home, my wife and I toured the back yard.  My wife noticed some barbed wire on the top rail of the swing set and asked Stacey, "is that to keep the penguins from landing on your swing set?"  You probably think this is some sort of April Fools joke, but I assure you, she did ask Stacey if that was the purpose of the barbed wire.

An inspiring guest post story on Michael Hyatt's blog features six penguins who were transplanted from an Ohio zoo to San Francisco.  The story offers a great leadership lesson.  Click here to read the guest post by Sean Glaze, a team speaker and motivator.

In case your wondering about the penguins in Stacey's back yard, here is a YouTube video released in 2008 about flying penguins.  I missed this story when it was first released by BBC.  Please forward it to your friends and have a great day.

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