Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Does Your Spotlight Shine?

How do you feel when the spotlight is shining on you?  Maybe your boss recognized you for going above and beyond the call of duty or your kids gave you a pat on the back for something special you did at home?  When that spotlight shines on you for too long, it can cause a big problem - blindness.

The first time this ever happened was before any of us were born.  The brightest of the Angels got a little too comfortable with the spotlight.  He forgot about the light source.  When His light was taken away from Him, He was forced to give up His name, Lucifer, meaning "light-bearing."

I learned two important rules about being in the spotlight:
  1. Always give credit for the source of the light.
  2. Remember to turn the spotlight on others.
The One who had His light taken away from Him is relentless.  He spends His time tempting others to live in the spotlight.  He knows the true source of the light yet he refuses to admit it.  If you acknowledge the light comes from Jesus, He tries to convince you that you are not worthy to be in the spotlight.  Is He right?  The answer can be found by understanding the source of the light.

Be careful when you see a bright light in others.  They did not create the light, they only reflect it.  None of us are worthy to be in the light.  It's not an entitlement, it's a gift.  Without Jesus, there would be no light in this world.  Jesus died on this day, Good Friday, so that you may have an opportunity to be in the light. His Resurrection restored the light.  Enjoy it and shine it on others.  This is a gift meant to be shared.  The more you share your spotlight with the world, the brighter your own spotlight becomes.  Just remember rule #1 above.  It's the reason Lucifer is now "Lights Out."

Where does your spotlight shine?  Your comments are much appreciated. 

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