Friday, April 13, 2012

Zero Lot Line Living

Our new home in Iowa ~ on the right side of the duplex.
In real estate, when a structure is built on the boundary line, it's known as a zero lot line.  The advantage to this is that it creates the illusion of more usable space on the outside.  My new home is actually a duplex with the property line cutting through the middle of it.  In Iowa, these structures must have their own walls with a cushion of air separating each side of the duplex.  Duplexes reduce construction costs for both homeowners.  My first home in Arizona was a condo, sharing two walls with neighbors.  I sold it at the peak of the market for more than triple my original investment price.  I wasn't as fortunate with my California home, selling it for almost half of it's peak value.  Now it's time for zero lot living and I believe this third home will be just the right size for my family.  Move in date is just eighteen days away.

As I prepare to settle down in our new home, I'm finding myself filled with gratitude.  I'm thankful my family stuck together during a period of extraordinary change.  My good friends, Mark and Lori Garrow, who guided me through the California short sale process and advised me how to move forward with my next home are on the top of my list, followed by my Iowa realtor, Pam Wagner.  I called on Pam when I was searching for a new home.  Most people wait until they have money and jobs before they buy real estate, however, I don't like putting obstacles on myself, so I jumped right in and the zero lot line property Pam listed for sale caught my eye.  The negotiation process was definitely a roller coaster ride due to my present situation.  I asked Pam to serve as a dual agent once she told me the seller was interested in seller financing.  She walked the tight rope brilliantly, serving both parties during the complicated process.

The greatest praise goes to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is leading my family and me to a new life.  His plans for a zero lot line home were revealed recently and He is opening the front door for us to move in on May 1.  Lately, there have been many times when I woke up in the deepest valleys, yet I continued to sing praises to Him.  I must also remember to praise Him when I'm on top of a mountain, like the one I lived on for twenty-two years in California on a street named Tesoro.  At last, I've found a new treasure.

What sort of home suits you best?  Your comments are welcome below.

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