Saturday, April 28, 2012

Road Trip Friends

I thought my second road trip from California to Iowa would be lonely.  I was wrong.  Wilson, my tennis racket cover, traveled with me from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Phoenix for a quick visit with friends and family and then to Ramona to rescue Wilson's first love, Ramona, a tightly strung racket with a shapely figure.

Ramona was not happy about being left behind and remained silent as we drove through seven states.  Fortunately, I had Umbro with me to keep me company while the two love birds got back together.  Umbro was deflated from years of neglect in my garage and hadn't seen sunlight for many years.  His lack of air in his lungs allowed him to fit snugly in the windshield where he posed for a couple hundred photos.  His deflated state also kept him from rolling away while I shot pictures of him on the edge of the Colorado River, and on top of cliffs in the Utah mountains.

Besides my travel buddies, Wilson, Ramona and Bro, I met some fascinating people, each with fantastic stories of their own.  Some of these stories will be featured in future blogs.  I hope you enjoy these photos and I thank my friends for giving me permission to share with my blog buddies...

Wilson reunited with Ramona at last.
My tennis buddies relax after four fierce sets of tennis.
Wilson tours San Diego Country Estates with my team-mate, Chris.
My Pakistani friend, Umbro, at 12,000 ft. in Veil, Colorado.

Ramona and Umbro savor the view at the top of a Utah anticline.
Navajo Indians, Samantha and companion selling their wares to support their tribe.
Iowa residents visit with Wilson and Bro at a Utah rest stop.
Bro too deflated to roll into the Colorado River.
Mitzi and Sharon welcome visitors in Parachute, Colorado, site of the last train robbery in the wild west.
Tara in Nebraska with Wilson, Ramona and Bro.  Her 16-year-old daughter is an aspiring author.
Colorado friends traveling in their electric car to visit their daughter in Poway, California.
Wilson diving in my Mom's swimming pool in Arizona.

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