Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Undercover Mission to Reunite Wilson and Ramona

Wilson is so famous in our new hometown, they named a street after him.

I'm stashing Wilson inside my carry-on bag and we are headed on a stealth mission to rescue his first love, Ramona, now forced to sleep in a garage at my sister's house.  Wilson always had his girl covered from head to toe, however, when we loaded up the moving truck, Ramona went M.I.A., and she got delayed while sprucing herself up with a new string job.  Ramona tries to keep herself warm at night but the coozy doesn't keep her warm like Wilson, who fits her like a glove.

Once the two are re-united, we are going home.  Wilson and Ramona will keep me company on the return trip.  They will be posing for photos along the way.  My Internet connection will be spotty during the undercover mission, so please be patient.  I will be in touch soon.

This is a stealth mission and time is of the essence.  As much as I would like to visit my friends on this trip, my family needs me home quickly so we can move in to our new home.  Looks like we will have a full house soon.  I will post pictures of Wilson and his girl, Ramona, in future blog stories.  If you would like to send a comment to me, Wilson, or Ramona, please leave your feedback below.

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