Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Assignment to Retreive Ramona Wilson

Ramona Wilson in my sister's garage.

Wilson and his lady, Ramona Wilson, have been separated ever since we departed California in early March.  Wilson and I are on a special mission to reunite the two this weekend.  Before we land in California, we are having lunch with my favorite teacher of all times today while in Arizona for a stop-over.  I'm staying at my mother's house; she may be the last American household sans a computer or internet connection.  She told me she was on a computer all day, every day before she retired so she not thrilled about getting one for the home.  I admire the way she stays connected the old-fashioned way.  If she's ready to go online, today may be that day.  But first, lunch with my favorite teacher.

Do you keep in touch with the people who inspired you to be the best you can be?  Please leave your comments below.

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