Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornadic Winds and a Light Show

First storm clouds traveling at 50 m.p.h. announce change in weather in Washington, Iowa.

My life is one big adventure after another.  Last night, I was treated to a front row seat from our friend's basement in Washington, Iowa.  We were watching "Titanic" when the meteorologist cut in to flash pictures of a massive storm front headed directly to our town.  "This storm is producing tornadic winds capable of producing tornadoes without any warning," the weather lady declared as she looked into the camera.

Before descending to our safety zone, I fired off a quick message on my FaceBook page notifying my friends we were about to face our first weather adventure.  Then we waited.  It didn't take long.  Storm clouds hurled across the night sky, lit up by 20,000 blasts of lightning in a two-hour period.  The weather lady reported ping pong-size hail dropping from the sky just before we lost TV reception. 

My smart phone was my lone link to the outside world.  Text messages were pouring in from family members and California friends.  We huddled in sleeping bags with our chihuahua, Roxy.  As quickly as the storm hit, it departed.  We were free to return to the comforts of the upstairs.  This will be a great blog story, I thought as I headed to my bedroom around midnight, thankful so many people were praying for our safety.

Have you ever experienced Mother Nature during a major weather event?  How did you manage to get through the experience?

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