Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dream Life

I've been living the dream life for a long time.  It consists of having a spouse who loves me unconditionally, raising three children who are pursuing their own dreams, and connecting with my Creator, who is leading me on one incredible journey.

I think to myself, could my dream life get any better?  The answer comes from a conversation I had with my wife this morning.  She is on her way to work - her first day on the job.  She gets the opportunity to help women find the perfect outfits.  As a bonus, she gets major discounts for her own wardrobe.

The next step is to put my writing and marketing talents to work and I must thank my wife for finding my dream job at the University of Iowa.  Should I get the opportunity to join the staff, I will be pinching myself every morning.  The job is 20 hours per week but is considered important enough that it comes with full-time benefits.  A schedule like this allows me to stay on track with my novel and perhaps teach some tennis lessons to supplement the family income.  The competition will be stiff and I'm ready to step up and show my new employer how I can contribute.

It's time for the next chapter of my life.  How about you?  Are you living your dreams?  If you missed yesterday's video, created by Holstee, click here to get some inspiration.  Don't forget to comment about the dream life you desire and how you plan to live those dreams.  And if you don't mind keeping me in your prayers for a successful outcome at the university, I will be forever thankful.

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