Thursday, December 20, 2012

First Snow in Iowa

Fresh blanket of snow in our backyard.

Our first Iowa snow storm arrived on schedule yesterday dumping nearly a foot of snow in some areas.  Schools are closed today and travel is discouraged.  The blizzard, accompanied by lightning and thunder, will be with us until midnight.  The lightning began while we watched the conclusion of the Dark Night last night, adding an eerie 3D effect to the climax.  Below freezing high temperatures for the next seven days will keep the snow on the ground and guarantee the kind of Christmas they write about in story books.

My life these days feels like a fairy tale.  Our children are with us and we are enjoying the Christmas season.  No longer are we dreaming of a white Christmas, we are living the dream.  May the spirit of Christmas blow into your home like a blizzard and warm your heart. 

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