Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Sources of Inspiration

Accidents...preplanned events designed by God to inspire change ~ Michael Mulligan

I remember 1993 like it was yesterday.  My wife's doctor advised her to go home and tell me my prayers for a St. Patrick's Day baby were fruitless as "nothing was happening yet."  It was a busy time in our household.  It was no accident that our daughter arrived according to God's will on the very day I prayed for, much to our doctor's surprise.

As our daughter was entering this world, one of the most inspirational coaches of all times was about to exit.  Jimmy Valvano appeared on the first ever Espy awards and delivered a speech I never saw until yesterday while on a break at work.  He died the following month.  His words live on nearly two decades after his death.  I dedicate today's blog to him and two others who inspire me to live my life to its fullest:
  1. Jimmy Valvano.   Click here  to see his Espy Speech from 1993.
  2. Robin Williams - First day of class...Dead Poets SocietyClick here.
  3. Patrick John Mulligan - When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, he realized his time here was short.  His final days with his family moved me to write my first memoir.  He taught me to pay close attention to what dying people have to say.  There is no fluff in their words or actions.
Thanks for visiting today.  May this story inspire you to look within yourself and discover the meaning of your life.  Do something today that will forever change the life of someone around you.  I recommend praying, even when others tell you, "nothing is happening yet."  And when something good happens, you can reply, "this is no accident -- it's a preplanned event designed by God to inspire change."

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