Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Got Gumption?

Excuses are like land mines.  I'm referring to the ones that don't explode until you step off of them.  You know you are trapped.  You can freeze, however, if you do, the excuse wins.  You can take another step.  And if you do, the excuse wins.  Or, you can get gumption.  If you are sick and tired of stepping on land mines, try these ideas to get some gumption in your life:
  1. Delegate.  There are talented people all around you who know how to navigate past excuses.  Ask them to help you with your workload so you can get past the minefield.
  2. Find out where all the excuses in your life are coming from and figure out a way to cut off the supply lines.
  3. Outsmart the excuse.  This may require additional training or education.  Creativity is necessary.  Common sense is an important ingredient.  There is always a way to disarm any excuse if you are willing to use your ingenuity.
Do you remember what Forrest Gump did when he was thinking about losing his girlfriend?  He got some gumption, sat up from his chair and started running.  He kept running.  He got over his loss.  He got gumption.  How about you?  Got gumption?

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