Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Buy Wisdom

What price are you willing to pay to acquire wisdom?  Like a fine wine, wisdom has a wide range of ratings and you get what you pay for.  The better the vintage, the higher the price.  Most people avoid the finest labels because of the high cost.  If you seek to quench your thirst for wisdom, get ready for the sticker shock.  Don't cut corners.  Those willing to consume the highest quality wisdom on the open market will experience a fulfilled life.  Caution -- these steps are not cheap.  You are not buying a new car or a home, you are investing in potential.  Pop open the cork and experience wisdom with all five of your senses:
  1. The first and most important step is to seek out the most expensive bottle of wisdom available.  There is a bottle in the wine cellar with an important year -- the year you were born.  This bottle is your life.  Failing to uncork it is like failing to cash in on the winning lotto ticket.
  2. When you uncork the bottle, let it breathe.  The waiting period represents all the trials you must go through.  Don't avoid the trials.  Each one brings out the full flavor your life.
  3. Examine the wisdom in your wine glass.  Pay attention to the color and clarity.  It should be brilliant.  Your life has been fermented and aged to reach the highest levels of wisdom.
  4. Wisdom has a distinct aroma.  Swirl it in your glass and sniff it.  Allow your brain to interpret the unique flavor not found anywhere else in the world.
  5. Taste it.  Wisdom is a combination of sweet, sour, bitter and salty.  The more of these ingredients you have in your life, the finer the taste and the greater the value.
Once you have consumed wisdom, you will discover the meaning of your life.  You will gain the ability to understand why each grape is important.  You will want to meet the owner of the vineyard.  He will ask you one question, "did you share your bottle with others?"  Don't leave your wisdom in the wine cellar and don't drink it alone.  Make sure your bottle is empty by the time you get the check.

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