Monday, October 29, 2012

If Only Syndrome

Is your life consumed by the "if only syndrome"?  Your friends and family see your misery you are trapped in because you blame all your troubles on if only ...fill in the blank.  Here are some examples of if only syndrome:
  1. If only I was taller.
  2. If only I was thinner.
  3. If only I was born at a different place or time.
  4. If only I was wealthy.
  5. If only I was healthy.
  6. If only I was born in a different family.
  7. If only I stayed in school longer.
  8. If only I chose a different career.
  9. If only the economy wasn't so bad.
  10. If only someone loved me.
The easiest way to stop the suffering is to throw away the crutches.  Every "if only" in your life is a crutch.  The blame game needs to stop today.  It's getting in the way of a better life.

Check out the video below of Bryyan Jackson, a young man who was injected with the HIV virus by his own father so the child support payments would stop once he died.  He fought off the if only syndrome by focusing on helping others.  He threw out his crutches when he forgave his father for attempting to destroy his life.  Way to go, Bryyan!

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