Friday, October 19, 2012

How Much Does Your Grudge Weigh?

Grudges are like giant boulders.  We push them, pull them, drag them, even mount them on our shoulders.  No matter how much they weigh, we find a way to keep them in our lives.  I lugged one of these over-sized stones around for over a year at my workplace.  It made my peers nervous every time I hauled my pet rock into a meeting.  I was proud of my grudge.  It defined me.  I didn't care how much my grudge weighed or how difficult it was to transport.  I grasped it with a death grip and made sure nobody could pry it away from me.

It wasn't easy to let go of my grudge.  My friends were convinced I would carry it to my grave.  A voice inside me kept nudging me to let go of it, however, my stubbornness made me deaf.  It also made me blind.  I could not see how my grudge was infecting my world like invisible termites.

One day my neighborhood was sponsoring a clean-up day for hazardous waste items.  I decided it was time to let go of my grudge which had become radioactive.  The workers at the trash disposal site wore protective gear and special gloves.  They carefully removed my grudge from the trunk and handed me a paper to sign off.  I was free at last.

How much does your grudge weigh?  Does it define who you are?  Maybe it's time to redefine yourself.  All you have to do is let go of your grudge.

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