Thursday, October 18, 2012

How's Your Poker Face

Poker faces are important while playing poker.  In the game of life, I believe it's better to tip off your hand, especially when your loved ones are seated at the game table.  This is not the time for bluffing or folding.

Do you feel like the deck is stacked against you?  The truth is your cards were determined before you entered the game.  The only choice you have is to keep playing or exit.  I choose to go all in and play every chip, no matter the odds.  You can see from my nickname, "the naked caveman," I really do go "all in."  I'm willing to lose everything in order to gain one thing -- eternal life.  I want everyone around me to be able to read my poker face.  I'm not afraid to show the cards in my hand.  The player who is willing to bet everything and lose is the winner.

Go ahead, show your poker face.  And play your cards without any fear of losing.  Don't worry how the cards are dealt and let the world know you love the game of life.

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