Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Mothers Are So Special

Today is my mother's birthday.  We are separated by multiple states.  She doesn't Skype or use Facebook.  I'm at my limit on my cell phone minutes today and I can't make any more phone calls until the new billing cycle begins tomorrow.  Looks like I'm in a bit of a conundrum today.  I wish I could be with her on her special day so I could give her a giant hug.  The good news is this blog is followed by others who are close to her.  Here's a special message for the woman who brought me into this world:

Dear Mom,

Happy birthday.  Just wanted you (and the world) to know why mothers are so special.  Your granddaughter jumped off a 50 ft. cliff yesterday and then sent the video to Helen and me.  I think you already know first-hand what the expression on Helen's face meant.  Mothering instincts are to protect the off-spring.  You've always done your best to keep us from harm.

I often think about how it was for Mary, the Mother of God, to watch from the sidelines as her Son was put through His trials and Crucifiction.  You have seen your children endure many trials.  I'm sure you spend sleepless nights wondering how we are all doing.

I have good news for you on your birthday.  On February 29, I took the leap of faith, similar to jumping off a cliff.  I departed California and headed into the unknown.  Your son is in the heartland of America and I found the reason why I'm here.  This wouldn't be possible without all the great moms in this world who are just like you.  Your prayers for our protection are answered daily.  Your love for us provides nourishment for our souls.

Mom, I want the world to know that the best lesson you taught me is about Faith.  It's really not the words you use -- it's more about your actions.  Thanks for teaching me about God.  Thanks for all your constant prayers.  You, and mothers like you, are what gives the world hope.  Happy birthday.



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