Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Turn the Light Back On

Unless you are surrounded by a bunch of zombies, it's difficult to hide your burnt out light bulb.  The light bulb inside you is meant to shine all the days of your life.  Here are some tips to help you turn the light back on if you wake up in darkness:
  1. Change your burnt out bulb.  This is your attitude.  The tiniest filament may be responsible for your loss of light.  Change phrases like "I have to do this assignment" to "I get the opportunity to work on this project."
  2. Use energy efficient bulbs.  This means finding the best ways to manage your time so you are free to have more fun in your life.
  3. Check your connections to your power source, the Holy Spirit.  This power supply, when connected properly, will never cease.  The Holy Spirit is like the constant wind blowing and you are the windmill.  You never need to trouble shoot the wind, only the windmill.
  4. Avoid procrastination.  Pretend your light bulb is located in a light house during stormy weather.  How many lives will be lost if you delay turning the light back on?  Change your burnt out bulb immediately.
  5. Keep the light socket clean.  This is your body and it holds the light bulb.  When your body is fed properly and kept in good shape, your light will shine brightly.  Proper nutrition is also a must.  Pay attention to the receptacle that holds your light bulb.
If you follow the five steps above and you find yourself in a place so dark that you can't locate your light switch, call out to Jesus and ask Him to lead you back to it.  He is always with you, even on your darkest days.  He always knows where the light switch is.  Trust Him to help you turn your light back on.

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