Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Put on Your Picker-up-pooper-scooper Hat

One day when I was about 14-years old, my dad came home with three funky looking hats.  The round hats looked like alternating orange and yellow slices of pizza with a martian attached in the center on a spring.  He bobbled from side to side.  The front of the hat was labeled "take me to your leader."  Dad asked my two brothers and me to don the hats he dubbed "picker-up-pooper-scooper hats" during our chores.  We rushed through our dog duty so we could get rid of our hats before our friends saw us.  I still laugh when I think back to those bobble head moments.

The lesson I learned from my dad is that you have to laugh a little, even when you are doing the most mundane of tasks.  Don't be afraid to show your sense of humor.  I do admit I replaced my hat with my "happy cap."  When my family sees me wearing the cap with Maui inscribed on the front, they know I'm in an extra good mood.  They don't know I'm thinking about my picker-up-pooper-scooper hat.  Those memories are chicken soup for my soul.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Put on a crazy hat and brighten up the world around you.

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