Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Standard Deviations to the Left

Most writers complete their research before writing their next book.   There is always the one odd-ball who is located two standard deviations to the left of the group.  I pretty much live my life outside what is considered "normal."

Today's story is dedicated to the lost branch of the Mulligan family tree that has been found.  I would like to personally thank my cousin for sharing her journey with me.  One of her first questions was, "can you tell me about our family?"  At first, I think she was intimidated by all the success stories I shared.  She wasn't sure she would fit in.  There aren't too many Mulligans at the center of the bell curve.  Every family has the deviant, the one who skews things in the opposite direction.  That's me.  Most of my cousins are taller, brighter and stronger than this writer.  The one good thing I have going for me is that I married up.

The truth is that everybody has a position in life where they belong.  My dad often told us he was the black sheep of the family.  He felt the pressure of coming from a family that included ancient kings, a grandfather who was a veterinarian, a father who was a doctor, a brother who is regarded as a maverick -- perhaps the world's greatest orthodontist, rocket scientists, and a whole bunch of valedictorians.  I often thought my dad was wasting his time writing.  I tried to ignore my calling to follow in his foot steps.  One day, I woke up and accepted who I was created to be.  I love my family no matter where they are on the bell curve.  Every member is significant including those who were separated because of past events they had no control over.

I thank God for giving me everything I need to do what He asks of me.  I'm ready to cross the finish line one more time and offer up my contribution to the world.  The Caveman in the Mirror will release on St. Patrick's Day, 2013.  My hope is that readers will find a connection to the main characters who happen to be two standard deviations to the left.

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