Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why This is Your Finest Hour

Do you believe this is your finest hour?  Or do you seek to relive past memories?  Maybe you are hoping your finest hour is yet to come?  Here's some reasons why I believe your finest hour is right now:

  1. Every hour that has already past is unchangeable.  Your memories, good or bad, are all about moments that cannot be relived.  The hour in front of you right now is full of limitless opportunities.  You get to choose how to live this hour.
  2. The hours ahead of you may or may not come.  Is the hour in your future worth more than the one you have right now?  The hour you have right now is real.  Savor it.  Embrace it.  Live it.
  3. Your attitude determines if this hour is your finest hour.  It's not about your circumstances.  It's all about your choices.  
I made a choice this morning to spend this hour with you.  I didn't want to wait until the library opened at a later hour to write this message.  I decided that sharing this moment with you is more important than any other activity.  My prayer for you is that see how valuable this hour is right now.  It's a blank page in the journal of your life.  When your heart beats for the last time, you will get the opportunity to meet the One who gave you this hour.  He will ask you, "What did you do with your finest hour?"

Enjoy your finest hour.  It's the greatest gift you will ever receive.  I'm thankful I got to spend part of this hour writing to you and that you spent part of your hour reading this message.

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