Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Zoey

The first time I saw Zoey's mother, I mistakenly thought she was a boy rabbit.  Then Zoey peered out for the first time, right after I named mama.  Good thing Charlie is a universal name.  Dad was meandering about thirty yards away.  His name is Fred.  The family is part of collection of rabbits, squirrels and birds who hang out in our back yard.

The other day, about twenty-five cute little yellow finches, the state bird of Iowa, swooped down and played while Fred and Charlie munched on the lush green grass.  Zoey is only about four inches long and on the scrawny side.  I'm hoping to get close enough for a picture soon.

Besides Zoey, her family, and all the other animals, we have some really awesome people neighbors,too, like the young boy who mowed my backyard for me while his dad supervised.  I heard he is really good at shoveling snow and he also runs a lemonade stand in the summer.

Stay tuned for more stories about our relocation to the Midwest.  And I'll keep you updated about Zoey and all the other animals who dwell in our backyard.  Yes, life is good.  Do you name the wild animals who visit?  Please add your comments below.


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