Friday, May 4, 2012


We were the first ones to arrive for the 8:00 AM garage sales in the Burg this morning and it capped off three days in a row of bargain hunting.  Not only did we make new friends, we picked up some amazing deals, including a 75 cent guitar and some electronic drums.  Our last stop was at the local furniture store.  They had some trade-ins stashed away in the attic and cut us a great deal.

We are officially replenished.  All the rooms are set up.  The only task remaining on the "honey do list" is to paint.  A home internet connection would also be nice.  For now, I'll keep visiting the local library, McDonald's and outlet center for my free Wi-fi.

We are thankful for the great timing of the community garage sales.  Many families participated and are donating the funds raised to local charities.  This is my kind of town--generous people with hearts for serving others.

What is the best deal you ever found at a garage sale?  Please share your experience below.

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