Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Lap to Go

The finish line is just three days away.  It's the first writing marathon in a life-time of races I'm planning on running the rest of my life.  I reflect on what this race means to me as I complete the final leg of 1,000 consecutive days blogging.  Here's what crossing the finish line means to me:

  1. I found a way to set daily priorities and complete them even against all odds.
  2. I learned how to overcome any and all barriers in the way of my daily writing goals.
  3. I found a connection to people in every continent of the world.
  4. I discovered anything is possible if you are willing to work at it every day.
  5. When you set worthwhile goals and stick to them, you will attract others who share your passions and they will happily join you on the race course.
  6. If you find out what your passion is and you develop it, you will also find inner peace and joy.
  7. Surrounding yourself with positive people makes the journey more fun, especially when you encounter tough times.
  8. Completing one major priority per day builds momentum for achieving other important tasks.
  9. Obstacles are opportunities to develop creativity, strength and endurance.
  10. The Creator of the Universe will give you anything you need to help you stay on course if you are willing to trust and believe.
What marathon of life are you running?  Is it blogging?  Maybe you are raising children or helping out in your community.?  My prayer for you today is that you stay the course.  Thanks for visiting.

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