Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Happens When You Let Go of the Rope

For too many years I tread water, afraid I might drown at any moment.  It's the same feeling you get when you're holding on to a rope and you know your fingers are losing their grip.  What happens if you simply let go of the rope?

The answer can be found in a story my pastor once shared about a poor little girl who clutched tightly to her only possession, a hand-made necklace.  Every night, her dad asked her if she would please let go of her prized necklace and give it to him.  "No, daddy, it's too valuable and I can't let go of it."

Her daddy would kiss her goodnight and tell her he loved her.  One night, the little girl decided to let go of her necklace and give it to her dad.  Teary eyed, the little girl said, "here you go, daddy."

Her dad asked her to please close her eyes and he placed something in her hands, clasping them shut.  The little girl opened her eyes and was astonished.  It was the most beautiful pearl necklace the little girl had ever seen.  Her daddy waited a long time to give it to her, but he couldn't.  Not until his precious daughter was willing to let go.

I'm that child who feared letting go of the rope.  I let go.  And God has given me something beyond my own imagination.  It's a new life.  Jesus can make all things new.  He's waiting for you to let go of the rope.  Give it a try.  Trust Him with your life.  Let me know how it works out.

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