Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Understanding God's Plans

God's plans are like looking at the Grand Canyon.  The Colorado River has been working on that great wonder for millions of years just as God has been shaping us since the day we were born.  We resist His plans at times but the river keeps flowing.  The cuts can be difficult but they are necessary in order to complete the masterpiece inside of you.

God is patient.  He waits for you to look up and see yourself on the sides of your own Grand Canyon.  Can you see how beautiful your picture is?  There is no other creation on earth exactly like you.  Your masterpiece is meant to attract others to the Creator.  Don't fight the river or its direction.  Embrace it.  Allow God to finish what He started the day you were born.  Ask Him for help understanding the plans He has for you.  Then, He will ask you to look up and see the mark you are leaving for all the world to see, one day at a time.

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