Friday, May 11, 2012

Why I Blog at the Library

The Red Cedar Chamber Music Concert was a big success at the Williamsburg library and they are planning to return again.
It seemed awkward at first, parking my car outside the Williamsburg Library to write my early morning blogs before the doors opened.  Then it struck me-- I am a writer and I need to be a friend of the library.  So I filled out an application and made a donation to the "Friends of the Library."  It truly is a friendly place.  And yesterday, I got an opportunity to use a study room where I helped my son with his online math course.  He said, "Dad, you just love to write on the board."

Yes, it's true, I love to write on just about anything, paper, napkins, chalk boards, and laptops.  Here's why I blog at the library:

  1. The library offers free Wi-fi.  It even reaches the outside parking lot, making Internet connectivity accessible 24/7.
  2. The geo-thermal power makes the room temperature ideal for long writing sessions.
  3. People who love to read hang out at libraries.  These are ideal candidates for future book sales.
  4. I can send faxes and print out hard copies when needed.
  5. There are meeting rooms should I wish to start up some workshops for people interested in writing.
  6. My kids don't ask me to "borrow" my laptap when I'm at the library.
  7. The staff is friendly and helpful.
  8. I can stay focused.
  9. All the books on the shelves inspire me.
  10. Every time I visit the library, I'm reminded how important it is to create material for readers.
Where is your favorite place to blog?  Please add your comments below.

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