Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Begins

There are plenty of gurus out there who can offer you all sorts of ideas on how to make plans for success in the new year.  Maybe, goal setting isn't your thing.  You think back to all those other new year's resolutions you made and you're afraid to make new ones for fear of how bad you will feel once you break them.

For me, I have found success in reviewing just what is important in my life and focusing on living by values rather than resolutions.  For example, when I am hungry, I think about eating fruits and vegetables.  It is not so much what my weight goal is as it is what my food choices are.  If I don't make bad food choices, my weight won't be a problem.

As for exercise, I just imagine myself doing healthy activities with my family and friends.  I make time to go on a hike or play tennis.  I concentrate on activities that are fun and make sure that I set aside time.  If I do this regularly, my body will be physically fit.

On the spiritual side of my life, I work on discarding past grudges.  It feels so good to let go of a hurt.  If you can do this, you will have more space in your heart to live a more fulfilling life and all your relationships will improve.  Mother Teresa once said, "forgiveness sets you free."

Instead of making a bunch of resolutions that you will probably break before this month ends, seek out the one person on your list of enemies that you have avoided for so long.  Go visit that person and tell them you want to heal your relationship.  Apologize for anything you may have done to cause the rift (even if it's the other side that you believe is the source of all the problems).

Start with the most annoying person on the list.  Once you have accomplished this, move on to the next person who aggravates you the most and repeat the process.  You may need to write a letter if the person is too far away for a visit or if they are dead.  Yes, I said write a letter to a deceased enemy.  Why?  The anger you are holding inside of you isn't making your dead enemy feel your pain.  They are probably running around in Heaven having a great time while you seethe with all that pent up emotion.  Write a letter and tell this dead enemy you are finally letting go.  Put a stamp on it and mail it.  Send it to the north pole and make sure you don't leave a return address.  Once you place it in the mailbox, it's gone, FOREVER.  Now, you are truly free.

The theme for this year is LOVE.  Our journey together will be more fulfilling if we can dispose of our enemies.  The best way to do that is to make them friends.  How do you like that for a change?  Instead of making a list of "resolutions" that you will probably break, you have a couple of thoughts on how to put some values into your life that can't be measured.  Live your life with values and let's make this year the best year ever.  Are you ready?

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