Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Today is a day filled with lots of one's. Many of you following this blog believe that numbers have some type of special meaning or significance. I am one of those people. You see the number 808 in my blog name and perhaps know that there are deeper meanings associated with this number for me. There will be people that will be searching the Internet for stories about this particular date and some of you may have found me because you are searching for the significance of these numbers. Welcome. It's nice to have you aboard.

More important than the significance of numbers is the significance of the One who created us. He is seeking a deep relationship with us. There are many ways to do this. The easiest way is to simply pick up the Bible and start reading all about Him. Everything He does is designed to bring us into a deeper relationship with Him.

How are you going to find your connection to Him? When you do find Him, what kind of relationship will you have? How deep into your heart will you let Him in? Do you want to learn how to move mountains or walk on water? Do you believe this is even possible?

In my own life, I am gradually learning how to move mountains and how to walk on water. It all comes down to one thing, faith. I am finally coming to a point in my life where my faith is approaching the size of a mustard seed (1/20th of an inch!). Our creator has no boundaries or limits. Learn to trust Him and see what your new life can become.

May your day be filled with lucky numbers.

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