Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gone Fishing

Writing for me is like fishing.  My blog stories and my books are written with you in mind.  The feedback you give me tells me which kind of "bait" attracts you.  Some writers make big splashes in the water or reel in their lines before the reader has had a chance to nibble or get hooked.

I am learning patience.  When a reader responds to one of my stories, I jump for joy, especially when the fish is one that has never been got caught before.  These fish have been around a long time.  They have been able to avoid all the other fishermen that came before me.  They are afraid of what will happen if they take the bait.

There has never been a wiser fisherman than Jesus.  He knows where every lost fish is hiding.  My job is to follow Him and fish every day until the last fish is caught.  My prayer today is that my new book is like bait for those who are seeking Jesus.  May this book help bring the lost fish to Him.  There are extra fishing poles available.  Would you care to join me? Let's go fishing today.

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