Friday, January 7, 2011

Heart 2 Heart Dinner, Dance, Auction

Last night we held our first committee meeting for our upcoming dinner, dance, and auction.  Lynn Morgan, Gayle Sojourner, Sheila Jolly, Lynn Visnack, Laurie Engel, Theresa Ellis, Teri Martin, Carmen Erivez, Nola Burger and our pastor were all in attendance.  Our pastor opened with a prayer and we laid out the plans for our "Heart 2 Heart ~ Hope 4 Eternity Event".  This team is experienced and moves quickly.

Thank you, Sheila, for kick-starting things with the caterer, the venue, the liquor license application, and the DJ.  The committee was able to approve all these people and decide on a great menu for the dinner.  Thank you, Teri, for your ideas on games we will play.  Thanks also to Theresa, Nola, Carmen and Lynn for helping out with announcements after all masses the next two weeks and for taking reservations.

Anne Mazzola and Linda Lopez will also join the group.  My daughter, Nicole, will share master of ceremonies duties with me.  It is a joy to serve as your committee chair this year and I thank God that I can lean on each of you to pitch in and do what needs to be done to make this evening memorable for all who attend.

Our time together is a preview of what our pastor wants to do to light a fire under every member of our parish, young and old.  When we come together as a group, mountains can be moved.  Each member of our congregation will be called upon to contribute something.  Each of us has something of value we can contribute for the good of the group.  Perhaps our talents can be contributed as door prizes or silent auction items?  As for me, I am donating autographed copies of my first book "God's Black Sheep Squadron" to every couple that attends the party.  In addition, the "first fruit", that is, the first collector's copy will be given to the highest bidder in the live auction and his or her name will appear on the inside back cover of the book. 

I invite each of you on the committee to read my daily blog at  These daily writings are designed to reach out to those who may not know God, or who have lost their faith.  It is also a place for believers to come together in community to share our lives. 

Thank you for sharing your time, treasure, and talent with this group. Together, we will serve others in our church who are seeking an evening of fun.  I really appreciate you sharing your hearts.  We will make this an evening to remember.  The fire has been lit in our small group.  May the Holy Spirit allow it to spread like a wildfire and may every member of our church become "engaged." May this fire spread beyond our denomination and touch every member of our community.  I love you.

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