Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lord Have Mercy

"Greater love has no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friend." ~ John 15:13

The Bible quote above is the same no matter what version of the Bible you may have (to date, there are over 25,000 different translations).  These words were spoken by Jesus before He gave up His life for you.  As you look at the video below, pay attention to those closest to Jesus.  They are sleeping in His time of greatest need.  They are turning away from Him when He needs a friend the most.  He knew His friends would do this even before He hand-picked them to follow Him.  In spite of their weaknesses, He still picked them to be on His team.

He knew that you too would turn from Him.  He knew some of you would fail to see Him no matter how many fishers of men he would place in your inner circle just to get His attention.  He created you anyways.  He gave you free will to follow him or do it your way.  No matter how far you find yourself drifting away from Him, He is still calling out to you, asking you to come back to Him.  It's not too late.

Everything that's in my life today that is good comes from Jesus.  There was a time in my life when I was dead.  My life had no meaning.  I searched for the truth.  I was lost.  Jesus found a way to reach me.  I will never forget the day His words became flesh right before my eyes.

Although many may doubt the existence of God, I say there is one man who once walked among us who is listed in all the history books.  He gave up His life so that we could have a second chance.  Would any of us endure the kind of pain he endured for another?  This truly is the greatest gift that any man or woman can lay down one's life for another.

If you believe He was born, died, and resurrected, you too can have new life.  As you watch the video below, remember this, every bit of pain that He endured was for YOU.  He died for YOU.  That, my friends is the greatest act of love known to man.

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