Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lighting the Fire

There is a bit of a slowdown in the festivities now the Christmas and New Year's celebrations are behind us.  The next big day on the calendar is Valentine's Day.  It is appropriate to be preparing for this day now since this year's blog theme is LOVE.  Valentine's Day should be a priority.  My wife and I stretch out our celebration over the entire month of February.  We go all out with love notes, special dates and time together.

There is no better way to light a fire in your soul than to discover what is important to your love and then make it a theme for Valentine's Day.  Be creative this year.  If your love vocabulary is somewhat limited, spend time learning new words, perhaps even a new language.  Isn't your love worth it?

Think of your love relationship as a gas tank, the more you fill it up, the farther the two of you will be able to travel.  When you encounter a steep road, your reserves will get you over the top. Don't be caught with an empty tank.  Valentine's Day is not enough to fill up your tank.  You need to keep refilling it throughout the year.  Start now.  Write love letters.  Drop notes in your lover's pockets or in places where they can be found throughout the day.  Keep your "love tank" full.  Light the fire and never let it burn out.

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