Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final Weigh-in for 2016

 There's a reason so many people at my day job are going "Caveman" with their food program in the New Year – it works.  From the first lab rat (me) to the most current (Paige), the experiment has helped friends, family members, and co-workers achieve amazing results.  I've been tracking my weight digitally since I signed up for my cousin's experiment in late August, 2015.  The 34 pound weight loss appears to be permanent.  I was surprised when I compared my final weigh-in of the year with the last Saturday of 2015 and the difference was only two ounces!  The entire year looks like one giant flat line.  It's like being on cruise control.  The real shocker was the first 45 days of the experiment.  That part of the weight chart looks more like an expert downhill run at a ski slope.  I was losing a pound a day until my body found its sweet spot.  Now it's smooth sailing into the New Year with a fresh group of volunteers.

If you would like to join the Caveman Food Experiment, come back tomorrow on New Year's Day and I'll connect you with the next group of volunteers.  If you're taking any medications, please make sure you consult your physician first.  I want you to be fully prepared for that big downhill run ahead and you may encounter a few moguls at the beginning.  Some have reported withdrawals from the processed foods.  The first week of the experiment is the most challenging, like quitting smoking.  There are two possible flat line experiences ahead for you – the one most Americans will encounter because they're eating all the wrong foods leading to heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and/or obesity, or a flat line experience like mine from consistently eating like a caveman.  Why not make 2017 your best year ever?  My hope for you is that you will join our group and make permanent lifestyle changes that shock your friends and family.  Thank you, cousin.  I know you always try to keep your patients from flat lining when you put them under anesthesia but as your first lab rat in the Caveman Food Experiment I'm hoping to change the definition and make flat lining more fashionable.  Have a great day.

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