Monday, December 19, 2016


Mission accomplished.  The family is officially reunited and all is well.  The sun is shining and the spirit of Christmas is upon us.  There's nothing better than family time.    I'm keeping today's post short in order to maximize my time with loved ones today.  Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers.  The last 95 miles to connect with our son were definitely the most challenging.  The photo above is from the location where the rollover occurred along I80 about 12 miles from our home.  This is the spot where we decided to abort our mission on Monday night and wait for the storm to pass before picking up our son in Des Moines.  He was one of the few to make it out of Chicago during the storm.  Unfortunately, the interstate was dotted with scenes like this one and many lives are disrupted due to the dangerous conditions and extreme low temperatures.  The roads are much better now and we are excited to spend time together.  Have a great day.

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