Saturday, December 3, 2016

Braña 1 Ancestor Update

Braña 1 is the name given to the 7,000 year-old blue-eyed, dark skinned caveman found in Northern Spain by hikers.  He's from the hunter-gatherer time period.  The story has personal significance for me because I learned earlier this week that the town of Rubalcaba is only a stone's throw from the excavation site where Braña 1 was discovered.  This is where my ancestors on my mother's side of the family once lived, possibly alongside Braña 1 and his brother, Braña 2.  Scientists are still analyzing the DNA, the oldest recoverable ever for modern man.

Related or not, Braña 1 is a part of me.  He first appeared to me in a dream while I was writing my first novel.  I searched the internet for a picture resembling the image haunting me and found my match in Braña 1.  He is the artist rendition created from the skull of the ancient caveman.  We are forever linked.  I'm just waiting to know if Braña 1 was left-handed.  We appear to have much in common.  That's my caveman update for the day.  Have a great day.

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