Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's Decision Time

There it is.  Another clean slate.  Are you ready?  Do you have any idea what your New Year will be like?  Everything you've done in past years leading up to today and the New Year ahead are strong indicators of what will happen next.  The sad truth is that if you were overweight in past years you will most likely be overweight in the New Year.  Sure, you'll hit the gym hard in the first two weeks of the year just like all the previous years, but then it's back in the recliner waiting 11.5 months for the next clean slate.

Don't let my clean slate fool you.  It's already filled with 365 of predictable daily rituals I will most likely keep repeating until there's a disturbance in the force and I'm no longer here.  Every morning when I wake up I'll check in with two cents worth of thoughts for this blog just after my morning weigh in on my digital scale with Wifi for tracking results.  I'll make enough morning smoothies for everyone in the household.  I'll park my car far enough away at my day job to get in a brisk run and I'll consistently arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to my shift.  My shoes will be double knotted to prevent any mishaps.  I will refuse to let any negative people influence my peace.  My lunch will consist of a spinach salad sans the dressing.  Depending on what day it is, I will be swimming in the pool while using my triathlon watch to record every second of laps or I will be on the tennis courts with the same regulars from prior years.  If people ask why I push myself so hard I will tell them the same thing..."it beats having to deal with heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight or sitting on a couch all year waiting for another New Year to come along."  That's my clean slate story.  The reality is that a New Year is filled with 365 days.  Decide today you will fill your slate with 365 days of positive behaviors that will make 2017 your breakout year, even if this may seem odd to the people around you.  My bet is their slate will always be clean.  How about you?  Have a great day.

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