Friday, December 9, 2016

Can Weight Loss Be Permanent?

My thirty something pound weight loss from over one year ago appears to be long-term.  I'm betting it will last a lifetime.  The irony here is that I didn't enter the food experiment to lose weight.  It was set up to see if I could reduce my blood pressure without medication.  So far so good.  Real good.  No more high blood pressure readings or out of control cholesterol issues either.  The bonus of sustained weight loss comes from keeping my food choices simple.  I simply refuse to eat foods with labels on the package.  Those fancy ingredients I can't pronounce are probably what wreaked havoc inside my body.

If you're considering making changes to your food program, here are some ideas that I believe will lead to permanent weight loss:
  1. Skip processed foods.
  2. Avoid any foods with a label on the package.
  3. Load your grocery cart with mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds.
  4. Skip the dairy aisle.
  5. Stop eating bread.
  6. Keep your red meat servings to 8 ounces or less.
  7. Replace your beer with one or two glasses of red or white wine per day.
  8. Exercise 3x per week for thirty minutes.
  9. Invest in a high speed blender for morning smoothies packed with celery, spinach, avocado and your favorite fruits.
  10. Minimize outside dining.  If you must eat out, stay away from the free chips they serve as appetizers and skip the bread.
Have a great day. 

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