Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's a Beautiful Morning To Wake Up To

I can see things with a higher degree of clarity this morning.  That's what happens after the biggest storm of the year moves out of town leaving behind a fresh blanket of snow partially covering abandoned vehicles that slipped off the frozen interstate in the middle of the night.  Thank God I listened to the voice of an angel seated directly behind me who said, "turn around and go home."  Today is a new day and I'm thankful to see the most amazing sunrise ever.  Yes, it's cold outside – the coldest I've ever witnessed in my life.  There's a certain beauty that I really appreciate, especially this morning knowing I have a clean slate.  We will be leaving soon to help our son complete the last 95 miles of his journey home.  And we will have much to celebrate.  Thank you for keeping our son in your prayers.  He's safe and we'll be seeing him soon, one day later than expected.  Have a great day.

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