Saturday, December 10, 2016

Caveman Tips For Holiday Joy

Mrs. Caveman and I are enjoying another amazing family day today.  We've already opened most of our Christmas gifts to each other...unfailing love, continuous encouragement, positive affirmations, cuddling and quality time together.  It doesn't matter how cold it is outside.  The temperature inside is warm and inviting.  We both like to keep things simple – like spending time together in front of our fireplace while the music of Christmas fills up our spirits.  Our greatest joy will be spending Christmas day with all three of our adult children.

If you're having trouble finding your Holiday joy this year, consider simplifying your life.  Go primitive.  What I mean by that is turning off the TV, cutting down your schedule and going back to that time in your life when you appreciated the real reason for the season – Jesus.  Ponder how the Holy Family spent their first Christmas together in a tiny manger.  It doesn't get more primitive than that.  And that's when everything changed.  Jesus is the best gift we can ask for.  Invite Him into your heart right now and you will have the best Christmas ever.  Have a great day.

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