Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Are You Acting Your Age?

I don't have a full grasp yet of how you're supposed to behave when you're in your mid-fifties.  The one thing I do know is your age shouldn't be defined by unwise choices.  I know too many people in my age group who are no longer active because of health issues.  They are acting the age of your typical American.  It's not too late to knock it off.  I'm referring to the extra pounds around your waistline.  Or that sedentary lifestyle.  When was the last time you treated your body to a real workout?  For those of you who are blaming the weather on your cancelled workouts, please stop making excuses.  I admit it's harder to stick to an exercise program when it's below freezing outside but it's not impossible.  Go for it.  I challenge you to change your ways.  Have a great day.

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