Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Shortest Day of the Year

Photo credit:  Elod Pali /

It's officially Winter today, although I felt it's presence earlier this month when Mother Nature blasted in some ice cold Siberian air via the North Pole.  It's a great day for me because I'm one of those optimists who likes to see the silver lining in every situation and today means I can now look forward to earlier sunrises every morning and later sunsets every evening.  Life is a pendulum.  It's a series of high tides and low tides.  Some may joke they would rather skip the ugly seasons and simply enjoy mild conditions year round.  Not me.  I see beauty in every season.  My senses are awakened by the full spectrum of vivid colors revealed in extreme conditions, like exploring the sand bar in Kino Bay only seen at low tide.  There is an awesomeness in the quiet stillness of a morning sunrise fifty degrees below freezing.  The sun may appear out of reach when it barely ascends the skies on a day like today but it reminds me change is coming.  May you find peace and tranquility on this Winter Solstice day and may your heart be warmed by the sun.  Have a great day.

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