Friday, September 30, 2016

Your 3rd Quarter Life Report Card

Today is your last day of your third quarter for 2016.  What kind of season are you having?  I like to break my life down into quarters to help me stay focused on the big picture.  It's all about the adjustments.  Take a few moments today to review the last three months.  Think about what's working well and what areas of your life need attention.  Whatever you do, please don't write this year off by squandering the final quarter of the year.  If you were playing on a football team, the fourth quarter is where most of the action happens.

Consider the next three months as your opportunity to make this entire year your best ever.  Use your third quarter life report card as feedback to help you improve your stats.  Make a separate plan for October, November and December and write down everything you wish to accomplish during each month.  If this seems a bit overwhelming for you because your 3rd quarter was such a disaster, try this idea:

4th Quarter Emergency Plan to Turn Your Life Around in One Step

When you wake up every morning for the next 90 days, think about the three most important tasks you wish to accomplish for the day.  Don't let anything or anyone get in your way.  Finish those tasks.  Do not go to bed until those three tasks are complete.  Repeat daily without fail.  Your year will end well and you will set yourself to win again in 2017.  Have a great life.

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