Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to Curb Your Debt Appetite

 Debt is like seasoning you use in the kitchen to add flavor to your meals.  I believe credit card companies dole out enticing 0% APR offers to get us to add more spices to our wallet.  Left unchecked, these temptations turn into powerful addictions similar to heroin.  The "high" we get from buying stuff we really don't need with money we don't have turns into a devastating crash when the bills come in.

Hello.  My name is Michael.  I'm recovering from poor choices I made regarding excessive credit card use.  The journey is not easy.  I understand how powerful the debt spices are.  It's been about six months since I paid credit card interest and over three years since I paid interest on a car loan but I don't believe I'm out of danger.  Even though I opted out of the marketing offers, credit card companies find a way to fill my mailbox with new products.

The best way I know to curb your debt appetite is to change your taste buds.  Many people may think my cash diet is bland but it leaves no bad aftertaste.  I have a new sense of freedom that reminds me how simple life was when I was delivering newspapers as a young boy and I actually had money in the bank.  Read the menu and study the prices of every item you are about to purchase.  Remember to factor in the cost of interest if you're going to add the spices.  If the money isn't in your wallet today, don't order anything you can't afford.  Cash is the best spice around.  Try it.  Have a great day.

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