Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Lab Rat Joins Caveman Food Experiment

We have a newcomer to the Caveman Food Experiment.  Paige agreed to eat mainly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds for 45 days beginning on Labor Day.  The first couple of days were rough.  I promised her I would be there every step of the way.  She asked yesterday, "can I eat almond butter?"  I checked the label.  It's 100% almonds.  She's good.  The challenge is to avoid all processed foods for 45 days to allow the body to return to its natural state.  It's not for everyone.  A loved one told me this would be an impossible task.  I asked, "what if someone told you eating this way could reduce your risk for cancer, heart attack, stroke or diabetes?  Would that motivate you to eat like a caveman?"  This changed the answer.

I'm one year into the experiment.  The good news is that this food program appears to be a long-term solution for my health issues.  I was suffering from inflammation caused by eating foods my body could not tolerate.  Friends and family members have given the experiment a try.  Some suffered from withdrawals and stopped.  Mrs. Caveman told me she's 80% in, meaning she allows some splurges.  She finds that these foods tend to show up on the scale the next day so she keeps her splurges to a minimum.  Both of us have been able to keep the extra pounds off.  That's 33 pounds for me.  You will have to ask Mrs. Caveman for her number since she prefers anonymity on my blog.  Or you can ask Paige to share her results.  She agreed to be featured in my next book.  I'm sharing lessons learned during the experiment and some recipes I created that make the food program easier to digest.  Have a great day.  Thank you, Paige.  I'm happy you're giving this food experiment a try.

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