Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thankful for Family Time

"Don't worry, dad," our oldest son reassured, "I'll find a way to join the family."  It was the day of the big game in Iowa and his boss told him he was needed at work.  Our son traveled through the night after a long shift and arrived in time for one of our most precious moments ever in Kansas City on 9/11.  Our beloved San Diego Chargers were in town and it was the first time ever we were all together to cheer for them.  We were five tiny specs of blue in a sea of red jerseys.  The chants were deafening.  The Chiefs came back in the second half and overcame a huge deficit to tie the game with only a minute to go.  Overtime!  The game ended when the Chiefs won the toss and drove down the field for a touchdown.  It didn't really matter to me.  Those blue dots sitting high in the corner of the end zone were together and that's what really matters.  Family time is priceless.  That's what I will remember about 9/11/16.  Have a great day and hug a loved one today.  May you be blessed with abundant family time.

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