Saturday, September 24, 2016

Which Script Are You Following?

Like it or not, your life is like the movies.  What do others see when they watch you on the big screen?  Can they follow the plot?  How do you feel about the part you play?  The answers to these questions are dependent on your relationship with the writers and directors. 

There was a time in my life when I turned down certain roles because I didn't care for the script.  I find it ironic how the parts I declined were actually specifically written for me long before I was born.  My own stubbornness blinded me and I tried unsuccessfully to live my life without following any scripts.  Peligroso! Muy peligroso!  It's a good thing I found the right agent to represent me.  The truth is I didn't find my agent, he found me.  He convinced me to change my ways.  He asked me to trust the writers.  That's when I found my purpose. 

If you're feeling lost or if you're having trouble finding the right script for your life, give my agent a try.  He's been negotiating contracts since the beginning of time and inspired the world's best seller.  He prefers working as a ghost writer and is never seen in public but I can assure you he's the best agent you can have, especially because of his intimate relationship with the Executive Director.  Ask the Holy Spirit to find the perfect script for your life and follow it.  Study your lines and live them every day.  You are perfect for the part.  Have a great day.

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