Thursday, September 8, 2016

Food Ideas For Trimming Your Waistline

You may want to sleep on these food ideas.  Seriously.  Sleep on them eight hours per night.  Proper sleep helps you win the belly fat war.  When you're awake, try these food ideas and watch your waistline shrink:
  • Can the pop.  Sugar sweetened beverages contain fructose.  Look at your belly.  That's where the pop goes.  It's like a storage bin for your fructose.
  • Cook with coconut oil.  Add a couple of teaspoons of this to boost your metabolism.
  • Trade in your buns.  Try romaine lettuce as a wrap for your burgers and you'll be amazed at the results in your waistline.
  • Swap your tortillas.  Serve your burritos wrapped in romaine lettuce and hold the tortilla chips on the side.  You can keep your favorite toppings as long as they are natural.

Small lifestyle changes lead to lasting results.  You can do this.  Have a great day.

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