Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Food Approach For Sustained Healthy Living

What's the best way to measure success when in comes to nutrition?  I believe the answer can be found in sustainability.   I feel bad for those who drop pounds quickly on a fad diet that only produces short-term results.  The weight comes back along with a feeling of hopelessness.  It's been one year since I became a lab rat.  I started my first 45 days eating only fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds.  After the initial phase, I began introducing other foods, one at a time, to see how my body would react.  The only foods still off the table for me are processed foods, dairy and food crops that have been genetically modified.  The scales are holding steady and never fluctuate more than five pounds. 

My food approach is simple – stick with foods without labels, refrain from anything our caveman ancestors didn't eat and pay attention to nature.  Do cows drink their mother's milk once they mature?  Nope.  Why do we humans?  The best argument I can present is to ask the skeptics to try the Caveman Food Experiment for themselves for 45 days and see what happens.  If the belly fat disappears, then extend the experiment indefinitely.  Sustainability can be achieved.  I'm sold.  How about you?  Have a great day.

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