Monday, September 5, 2016

How to Beat Your Food Addictions

What you don't know about processed foods may be killing you silently.  Ask yourself these questions:
  • Am I happy with my weight?
  • Do I know what happens to my body when I eat processed foods?
  • How would my body react if I stopped eating junk food?
  • What will happen to my long term health if I keep eating processed foods?
The last question is perhaps the most important.  Most people don't want to know the answer because once they discover the truth about processed foods they understand why so many Americans are fat and sick.  We want what's best for our children yet we unknowingly poison them with artificial ingredients designed to cause food addictions.  Our children aren't really hungry between meals.  They reach for the processed foods because they're suffering from withdrawals the same as drug addicts.  The people at the top of the food chain did this intentionally.  They deliberately added processed foods to your children's meals in order to make more money on repeat business.  Your kids are addicted and they don't even know it.  You are addicted. 

There is only one way to beat your food addictions – say no to high fructose corn syrup and all other fake foods.  It will take 45 days of serious effort to beat your food addictions.  You deserve a better quality of life.  Have a great day.

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